Mamanuca Islands

The Mamanuca Islands are a popular destination for families, couples and groups who want to relax on the beach. Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands are popular for their gorgeous beaches and fun-filled activities. Traveling from the Mamanuca Islands to others is simple. A resort connection service will take travelers from island to island, typically from Denarau.

Mamanuca IslandsThere are many activities for visitors to the Mamanuca Islands. The South Sea Island is a beautiful spot for a day trip. This island features opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. In addition, Beachcomber Island, part of the Mamanuca Islands, is an island full of Fijian arts and culture. It is here that tourists can rent a glass bottom boat to view the native coral and the creatures that reside there. The Beachcomber also has a bar, white sands and opportunities for scuba diving.

Mamanuca Islands marine LifeAmong the Mamanuca Islands, sailing is a particularly popular way to explore the beaches and clear waters. Some travelers sail over to Modriki Island, which is uninhabited, or Yanuya, which features a Fijian village. A trip to the Mamanuca Islands would be incomplete without a trip to Castaway Island. Here, visitors can snorkel in water so clear they can see every nook and cranny. Travelers to the Mamanuca Islands can also kayak, windsurf or spyboard here. Treasure Island, Bounty Island and Malolo Island are also great for swimming, snorkeling and other watersports.

Mamanuca Islands Coral ReefThe Mamanuca Islands offer amazing cuisine, especially when it comes to seafood. One of the most surprising aspects of food on the Mamanuca Islands is that it has thoroughly embraced Indian cuisine. Visitors to the Mamanuca Islands will enjoy kokoda, rourou soup and fresh tropical fruit on demand.

One of the biggest draws to the Mamanuca Islands is that they are so secluded. Any family or group will enjoy the relaxation that staying on the islands brings.