Located on the western side of Viti Levu, Nadi is the global gateway to the Republic of Fiji. Nadi is a lively cosmopolitan town that hosts the international airport and serves as the hub for ferry services to the country’s other islands. While most travelers are in Nadi for a brief period awaiting transportation, there are numerous shops, restaurants and other intriguing places for those who want to spend more time in the local area.

The main attraction in Nadi is the Hindu Temple. Located at the southern edge of the primary thoroughfare through Nadi, this colorful temple set against a dramatic mountain backdrop is the largest shrine in the Pacific. Another point of interest is the Nadi Garden of the Sleeping Giant. The botanical garden, which began as a repository for actor Raymond Burr’s personal orchid collection, is home to an extensive array of tropical plants and walking trails. Kula Eco Park displays crested iguanas, peregrine falcons and other animals that inhabit Fiji. The scenic coastal railway and the trails that crisscross the Koroyanitu Heritage Park are great ways to view the resplendent countryside surrounding Nadi. Newton Beach is a popular attraction for those who want to enjoy a little sun, sand and surf. Outdoor adventurers can snorkel or scuba dive in Nananu-i-Ra. The Nadi area has championship golf courses and tournament-level tennis facilities.

Because of the large numbers of international visitors traveling through the city, Nadi offers a wide selection of restaurants and other eateries. In addition to the traditional Fijian dishes, visitors can dine on Chinese, Indian and a broad mix of western style cuisines. The shops in Nadi display a variety of items ranging from clothing and electronics to local Fijian handcrafts and souvenirs. The Arts Village in Nadi stages various demonstrations of local history and culture. Located in Nadi, the Fiji Museum is home to many significant national artifacts.

As the main transportation hub for the island and country, Nadi is easily accessible by plane, ferry and bus services. Tourists can hire a taxi or rent a scooter to travel around Nadi.