Located east of Australia and north of New Zealand lies Taveuni, an island within the Fiji Islands in the Pacific Ocean. This beautiful tropical island is known as the ‘Garden Island of Fiji’ because of it’s lush greenery and exquisite tropical flowers. Taveuni is a small island that is about 26 miles long and 7 1/2 miles wide. Interestingly, Taveuni is made up of 150 inactive volcano cones.

To get to Taveuni, there are daily flights to Nadi International Airport on the island of Nadi in Fiji or to Nausori International Airport on the island of Suva. From there, you can take a domestic flight to Taveuni or an inter-island ferry. For your convenience, many of Taveuni’s resorts will make arrangements to greet you at the ferry or airport.

The island of Taveuni is small, but it is big on things to do and see. One of the most notable attractions for tourists, in Taveuni, is Lake Tagimaucia. What makes it notable is that the lake is in the top of an inactive volcanic crater at an altitude of 2,625 feet. Not only will you see stunning views from this location, you will also find Fiji’s National Flower called the Tagimaucia Flower. This is a gorgeous red flower that is white in the center. It blooms from October to February, and it doesn’t grow anyplace else on earth.

On the eastern side of Taveuni you will find the Bouma National Heritage Park. There are nature trails to walk on that will take you through the rainforest. You will see and hear many rare tropical birds. Eventually, you will come to the fabulous Bouma Falls (a group of three waterfalls).

If you are adventurous and brave you may want to take a ride down the 164-foot Waitavala Waterslide that is located near Waiyevo, Taveuni. It’s a wild ride as you slide down the chute-shaped, naturally polished rocks with water flowing over them.

If you like snorkeling and diving you will really enjoy The Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef off the coast of Taveuni. You will be able to delight in coral gardens, schools of fish and larger marine fish.

A visit to the pristine paradise island of Taveuni is a vacation that you will remember for many years.