Fiji Weather and Climate

Fiji has one of those climates that just welcomes visitors with a warm hug. While the country is one filled with natural beauty and rich, diverse cultures, it also has a great weather and climate, making it one of the best places to take a vacation. Maximum highest temperatures throughout the year in the great land of Fiji range from 26 degrees Celsius ( 78.8 degrees Fahrenheit) to 31 degrees Celsius (88.8 degrees Fahrenheit). This means you can very comfortable spend time in the sun, defining those great tan lines, and not being overwhelmed by heat. The truth is, most days the weather is as ideal as can be. The sun is shining, the cool breeze is rustling through the palm trees and the tourists are just happy to be there.

As one would expect, and often the reason tourists flock to Fiji all year, the climate is tropical and warm pretty much all year long. You can expect the delightful breeze that comes rushing through on occasion to bring an even more comfortable climate to the beaches and villages. Between the months of November and April, Fiji does go through a time of rains and wetter conditions. This should not discourage those wishing to come through during those months, because the rain showers are usually localized and they are short=lived. A rainfall need not interrupt your touring, nor keep the beautiful sun away for long. Cyclones have occurred in Fiji during the wet season, but your accommodations and touring guides are aware of how to handle these issues when, on the rare occasion, they arise.

The best time to visit Fiji to experience the most ideal weather is between late March and early December. You can expect an incredible vacation, a great tan to bring home and show the pals, and a memorable tropical paradise experience to hold dear in your heart forever. Sunny days are predicted and the cool evenings are just as pleasant.