Kila World Eco Adventure Park

Kila World Eco Adventure Park found in Fiji doesn’t just offer tourists a few activities. They offer a full-scale, memory-building experience that people will remember and talk about for years to come. They offer excitement, adventure and thrills. It also offers something that very few other activity locations do, and that’s a learning experience into the natural world and how to protect it from destruction.

If you love getting closer to nature and exploring the beauties of the jungle, with its lovely flowers, trees and wildlife, you will find Kila World absolutely charming. Nature’s finest work lies protected in this sanctuary, and guests are allowed to enjoy the surrounding beauty, while having a grand time. Eco Walks through the park are serene and enchanting.

While the lovely tones of the tropical jungles are tantalizing, the adventure of the provided activities make for a great day out. Experience the brave art of rope-walking with the Low and High Rope Courses. Abseiling, ziplining and getting a thrill from the legendary Giant Swing are all experiences you will never forget. Imagine yourself as a bird, flying through the trees on a zipline. The exhilarating feeling is one that cannot be compared. The park also offers a pool and lovely waterfalls to enjoy. Kila World is indeed a unique place and one that provides tourists with experiences and memories that will live on in their hearts and minds for many, many years to come.

Contact & Location:

Business: Kila World Eco Adventure Park
Address: Namosi Road, Namosi
Phone: +679 331 7454
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Kila World Eco Adventure Park

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Kila World Eco Adventure Park -18.155211, 178.234398 Kila Eco-Adventure Park Click here for Website