Fiji Eco Tours

Fiji is a diverse country made up of many different races and cultural backgrounds. To experience Fiji to the fullest, one must not only take in the beautiful sights, but also get to know the cultures, the people and the way of life here in this real-life paradise. There is one tour group that offers a more comprehensive package for those wishing to get better acquainted with the Fijian people and their way of life. Fiji Eco Tours offers a wide range of tour packages that include various aspects of experiencing this fascinating culture up close and personal.

While culture is an important part of touring, there is still much to be said for exploring the natural beauties that Fiji has come to be so famous for possessing. All of the tour packages offered by Fiji Eco Tours include some aspect of soaking up the lovely sights. Packages include such delights as beautiful beaches, breath-taking waterfalls, mountain trekking, visiting some of the outstanding parks, bird watching, lovely gardens and more. You will feel like you’ve stepped right into a postcard as you enjoy the scenery.

Another part of the packages is the cultural activities that you have an opportunity to try for yourself. For example, take a weaving or handicraft class to learn how the Fijians make their charming artworks. Learn about salt making and visit the pottery village. Take time to explore the spiritual side of the culture, including visiting a Hindu temple. Take part in a very important ritual ceremony in Fiji called the Kava Ceremony. As you experience these fascinating aspects of the Fijian way of life, you will really get to know what makes this place so special. The people are warm and welcoming. They enjoy sharing their sacred way of life with visitors who come to learn and respect. This is a part of touring Fiji that is so often left out of the equation.

Fiji Eco Tours makes it possible for people to enjoy their time in Fiji on a much deeper level. Build lifelong memories and take part in experiences that will forever be a part of you.