Kula Eco Park

Nature lovers and wildlife fans who visit Fiji must plan some time to spend at Kula Eco Park. The Park is one of Fiji’s gems and a great place for the entire family to observe, explore and learn about the wildlife and plant life of the area. Take in all of the colors of this tropical paradise and teach children the importance of respecting and caring for the natural world.

One could spend hours taking pictures of the breathtaking array of floral champions here at the Kula Eco Park and never quite do it justice. What’s most fascinating is learning how many of these plants have been used for centuries to provide food, medicine, clothing and and much more. The experts at the Park have so much wonderful knowledge to pass along, and you’ll feel enriched by the end of your visit, having learned so much about the vividly-colored flowers and other flora.

The other draw to the Park are the native birds who are residents in this natural sanctuary. If you thought the flowers were colorful, come and see the brilliant colors that the birdlife boasts of and shows off. There are also some fascinating iguanas to observe. Again, Park keepers can share with visitors how the bird and reptile species have declined over the years due to poor handling of the earth. Tourists will enjoy spending some time at the Kula Eco Park, observing and learning all about the wildlife of Fiji and passing it on to the children.