Nadi Village has come to be known as a place of serenity and beautiful culture. Adrenalin Fiji offers tours through Nadi Village and these tours often become the highlight of peoples’ time in Fiji. Tourists are transported by bus or by jet boat, depending on the day and size of the group. Expect to spend two hours in the village and to truly experience a whole new world.

This is a great experience for those who truly appreciate rich cultures and tradition. Tour participants will be briefed on the proper way to behave in the village and during the ceremony to show respect. There is a whole ceremony that takes place on these delightful tours. When guests arrive, they are greeted by Nadi natives who will welcome them with traditional singing. What a sweet sound to the ear and a warm welcome! Guests will be presented with lovely garlands and the group is led to a special location for a kava ceremony and a meke, which is a traditional dance. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful dance celebration of the people.

After the ceremony, tourists will have the opportunity to purchase some fabulous handicrafts made by the locals. This is entirely optional, although most find it delightful to pick up some beautiful gifts to take home and to remember the sweet village by. While there are plenty of water sports and activities to do on Fiji, Nadi Village usually ends up stealing the show.