Helicopters Fiji

A typical tourist on an average length vacation sees only a small portion of Fiji before heading back to the real world. For those brave enough to take to the skies, Pacific Island Air offers the opportunity to see Fiji in a whole new way via Scenic HeliFlights. There’s no question that this is the most comprehensive way to experience Fiji, with all of it’s incredible views. Prepare yourself for a tour like none other and ready your camera – you will need it.

Pacific Island Air offers tourists the chance to see Fiji from helicopters, airplanes and seaplanes. Take one of the scenic flights to explore the tropical forests or the islands of Fiji. For those seeking out adventure and a thrill, sign up for a Mystery Flight where you won’t find out where you’re going until you’re in the air. The Sigatoka River Safari/Heli Combo package is a great one for diversity. Get to know Fijian culture and way of life as you cruise down the river. Ever watched a movie about being trapped on a deserted island and wondered what it would be like? Try it out as you book your own private island for the day. Maybe bring your family or a special someone to enjoy your secluded island paradise. Sign up for the Castaway Lunch Package and take a fantastic flight out to Castaway Island.

See more of Fiji from the air and experience an adventure you never dreamed was possible with Pacific Island Air.