Shopping & Markets

Fiji is truly a shoppers delight and a fantastic place to purchase anything from brand name items to the most personal and unique native handiwork. Shopping enthusiasts will want to make sure to schedule in plenty of shopping time in the various villages and marketplaces. Probably the best place to start the shopping adventure is in the main cities.

Nadi is one of the most beloved shopping cities in all of Fiji. Tourists like to shop here because there are plenty of fantastic bargains, the items are duty free, and they are known for their electrical devices and products. Suva and Lautoka are also great shopping towns. For those who like to shop for clothing, check out the incredible fabrics to choose from and the lovely silks. Pick up something that will remind you of your time in Fiji and will be a conversation piece for people back home. A Sulu, for examples, is a traditional Fijian sarong or dress. The Sulu is made for both men and women, and it is extremely comfortable and breathes in the warmer weather.

Jewelry is also a must-buy in Fiji. Black pearls are particularly sought after and can be bought at very reasonable prices. Again, these incredible pieces will serve as a memory of this tropical island and its people. Other choices to serve as reminders of the vacation are handicrafts made by the natives themselves. For many, these handicrafts are their entire livelihood, and they are highly skilled at what they do. Pick up a beautiful handwoven basket, a one-of-a-kind wood carving or a kava bowl. Learn about these items as well you can tell others about them when you display them in your home or give them to loved ones.

Aside from the main cities, there are splendid village markets scattered throughout the land. Each market seems to have its own flavor and flare, so visit many of them to really experience the shopping culture. Do not attempt to barter with Fijian vendors because they take this as a sign of disrespect. Just remember that they are a warm and proud people, so respect the goods they offer and you will receive nothing but kindness from them during your shopping experience.