Most tourists take to sight-seeing by way of car, bus or train. For those who seek to take the adventure up a notch, or ten notches, consider Adrenalin Fiji’s Jet Ski Tours. You haven’t toured if you’ve never done it at top speeds, racing over the top of the beautiful waters. Not only do you get to see everything, but you get to see it all up close and personal, and you get the thrills and exhilarating fun of riding jet skis.

With Adrenalin Fiji, crew members are highly-trained and incredibly good at what they do. You needn’t fear when the jet ski masters are near. They will guide you off the shores of Denarau Island and into a whole new world of adventure. The equipment is top-notch and reliable. Jet Ski guides know the area and they are well-equipped for any type of surprise they might come across. Bottom line, you can feel safe and sound as you board your jet ski and head out on an exciting journey.

For your first time with the sport, there is a local, beachfront course that guides will take you on. This is ideal for families and those who may want an easy ride to start out with. Once you are more experienced, and you’re longing for just a little more excitement, sign up for the Jet Ski Safari. This is the adrenalin kick you have been waiting for and will never forget.