A vacation to Fiji is a license to let go of the worries, busyness and distractions of real life and to disappear into total paradise. Relaxation should be synonymous with Fiji. Once you get to the island, one of the best ways to let go and experience utter relaxation is to take a leisure cruise. Adrenalin Fiji offers luxurious leisure cruises all around the stunningly beautiful Mamanuca Islands. You work hard enough the rest of the year. On your cruise the only thing you have to do is enjoy yourself. Allow your well-trained and experienced staff to provide for all of your needs and take you out for a day of serenity.

You can spend the day relaxing on the ship’s deck, or you can spend a little time snorkeling, swimming or exploring some of the sweet villages of Fiji. The day is yours to spend it as you please. One thing you will definitely see is the beautiful scenery, the fresh ocean air and all of nature’s finest.

Adrenalin Fiji has three fine vessels ready to take you onto the lovely waters. You can rent these ships for group cruises, such as for family, business retreats or even weddings and honeymoons. Diving instructors are available upon request. The boats are all kept in pristine condition and you will find the crew to be incredibly friendly and obliging. A cruise is a fantastic way to view the islands, enjoy your vacation to the fullest and forget all about your responsibilities.