There are many reasons people come to Fiji on vacation. Some enjoy the scenery, while others find it nice to lay out on the gorgeous beaches and soak up the sun. There is one draw, however, that brings loads of people every year to the Fiji oceanfront and that is the surfing. Experienced surfers, who have travelled from coast to coast taking on the biggest and baddest waves, know that Fiji is famous for its amazing surfing and great breaks. Adrenalin Fiji offers much to the tourist who is ready to take on the waves and get a little wet.

Adrenalin Fiji offers board rentals at affordable prices, surfing guides, specialized surfing boats and lessons for those wanting to learn the incredible sport. Whether you are brand new or experienced, they have just the right plan for you. Take a tour of the absolute best surfing hot spots in Fiji. The experts know where the breaks are and can show you exactly where you want to be to have the best surfing experience of your life. Guides can even take you to where the bravest surfers go along the coral reefs.

Expect nothing but the most friendly atmosphere as you join the locals on the beach and on the waves. They are a people known for their hospitality and they are happy to share the surfing experience with you. Not only will you develop your surfing skills, but you will get many thrills, and perhaps a few spills, on your surfing adventure.