Fiji is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There’s no denying that fact. Aside from the mere splendor of the beautiful beaches and cool, crisp, blue waters, there is so much to do and experience here. One of the best ways to spend a day is to join South Sea Cruises and to board the Seaspray for a day of sailing and fun.

The smell of the ocean water, the clear waves crashing against the schooner and the serenity the place naturally brings about is exactly what you need. Relax on deck and enjoy the sun, sights, smells and sounds of the ocean. Enjoy the tasty meals and beverages provided right onboard. One of the most fascinating parts of the day is the opportunity to explore Modriki Island, which is famous for being the island in the Tom Hanks movie “Castaway.” The island is uninhabited and extremely fascinating to explore. You’ll feel like you stepped right into a movie yourself!

Guests are also given the chance to explore a real village. You’ll be briefed on the customs and proper etiquette on what to wear, say and do in the village to show respect to the natives. Take part in a beautiful kava ceremony and spend time learning about the rich culture of the natives, who are very welcoming and generous. Feel free to purchase some of the local crafts and goods. They make for great presents for the people back home. South Sea Cruises makes it their goal to provide a memorable experience.